Research method entails the objective observation of phenomena which occur in a relatively controlled situation. Experimentation is a deductive approach to research. An experiment is a methodical procedure carried out to verify or refute the validity of a hypothesis, which is an expectation about how a particular phenomenon occurs. Thus, the aim is notably to study a cause to effect relationship by identifying, isolating, manipulating, and controlling the particular conditions under which occurrences take place. In an experimental design, the studied phenomenon is the dependent variable.

The factors that may cause or explain the variance in the dependent variable are its independent variables which are postulated,...

We have undertaken the following research field work for

  • Hijli INSPIRATION assignment – UNICEF Study – GROUP DISCUSSION WITH THE SANITARY MART Assessing Performance of the Sanitation Programmer in terms of Behavioral and Practice
  • Hijli INSPIRATION assignment – UNICEF Study – GROUP DISCUSSION WITH THE MIGRATED WOMEN Assessing the lifestyle of migrated women and enquire the Enrolment in Govt. beneficiary scheme
  • Experimental Study - Splash –Association with sarba siksha Mission – Auditing available water resources in schools
  • IIT-KHARAGPUR PROJECT- about quality of life for age group 50-80 yrs, standard of life
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