Behavioral research is the study of many variables that impact the formation of one's habits. Habitual patterns of decision-making have a huge impact because they affect so many areas of one's daily life. These habits directly impact how consumers spend money and why they purchase certain products. Consumer insights must be tested because the market research lab is not intuitive and sometimes gets it wrong. Observation of consumers engaging with a product or brand is a high-value activity. This is one of the reasons why ethnographic videos are so useful to market researchers. It is typically easier to add an action or activity to a habit loop than it is to try to establish an entirely new habit loop or to sway people from using an older habit. Through behavioral research, marketers can determine why a product is failing and identify the consumer disconnect. Once they've established common customer behaviors, the company can change their strategy to meet consumer need.

Hijli INSPIRATION assignment – UNICEF Study – GROUP DISCUSSION WITH THE MIGRATED WOMEN Assessing the lifestyle of migrated women and enquire the Enrolment in Govt. beneficiary scheme

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