Way Of Positiveness

Our Vision

   • To be recognized as the premier professional service firm in market research.

Our Mission

   • Contribute to our customer’s success by Providing Trustable and Insightful Data for better understanding of their markets.


1. Consumer research
2. Social research
3. Qualitative research
4. B2B
5. Industrial
6. Clinics
7. CLTs
8. Product Placement

10. Groups, Diads, Triads and DIs
11. Home visits, Shop along
12. Mystery Audits
13. Store Audits
14. Product placement
15. Advertisement Campaign
16. Consultancy

Our Uniqueness A multi specialist organisation

To deal with clients issues and offer them innovative and comprehensive solutions, SANKALPA takes an approach that combines the skills in its lines of specialisation.

Importance Of Research

Research, the most significant tool of man's evolution, progress & growth becomes even more significant when it is applied to market/society.. It decides the fate of an enterprise. Winning or losing, policy maker’s stance on state of mass general as a whole, depends entirely on the keen understanding of the perennial need of consumers. Sankalpa is adept in this scientific art.

Product development & testing

The research helps in testing and modifying concepts to implement the findings to become a ...

Experiential research

Research method entails the objective observation of phenomena which occur in a relatively controlled situation.

Positioning research

keyword strategic planning help brand marketers sharpen and focus their strategies, helps in positioning as per market way ...

Behavioral research

Behavioral research is the study of many variables that impact the formation of one's habits. Habitual patterns of decision-making ...

Consumer segmentation

Segmentation is about identifying groups of people who respond differently to marketing so that your efforts can be focused...

Measuring marketing channels

Marketing commonly allude to problems with its accountability and credibility. “The...

Brand track feedback

Brand tracking is usually done by surveying consumers and asking them for their opinions regarding the brand. We undertake the...

Mystery Audit

How your customer perceives your service quality determines your customer satisfaction levels. It is the indirect, unsaid, un-explicit...

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