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Breath Practices

Loosening Practices

Surya Namaskar


A.  Vamana Dhouti

Sthiti: Táãásana
Drink  about one and a  half   liters of lukewarm saline water (about 1% saline)  as quickly as you can until you feel like vomiting it out.
Churn the stomach by twisting exercises.
Stand with feet apart at shoulder width and bend the trunk forward forming an angle of  about 80 degrees to the ground.
Now with the help of the middle three fingers of the right hand, tickle the back of the throat to vomit out (vaman) all the water.
Repeat the process of tickling the throat until no more water comes out which may mean that all water has been vomited .
With continued practice one can stimulate the vomiting sensation and vomit out the water without using the fingers at the throat.
Relax completely in DRT for about 15 to 20 minutes.
Have a bland  breakfast after about  half an hour.

This is to be done early in the morning on an empty stomach.
A bland breakfast could  preferably consist of Indian kichadi . (rice and lentil-dhal, cooked  with or without salt), along with a tea spoon ful of pure ghee. Avoid coffee or tea for breakfast. 
With long practice one can learn to vomit all the water  as if it is a continuous jet. This is called Gajakarani.

B.  Danda Dhouti

Sthiti: Tádasana
l     Drink luke-warm saline water as  in Vaman Dhouti.
l     Take a rubber tube (Danda) about 1 cm. in diameter and about a metre long.
l     Slowly place one end of the tube and swallow it down the gullet into the stomach. When it reaches the stomach, slowly bend forward. All the water will come out by syphon action. Suck in and bulge out the stomach, if necessary. Remove the tube gently.

Three liters of lukewarm water, drink and rotate your body by raising hands and head and shake abdominal muscles - vomit or insert finger at root of tongue, press and vomit.
These Kriyas should be performed early in the morning preferably before dawn and after clearing the bowels.
Frequency of Practice:
I)      Normal healthy persons - once a month.
II)     Persons with Hyperacidety - once  in 3 days
III)    Persons with Asthma - Once a week may practice daily for about 3  to 7days during periods of flare up of  wheezing with phlegm.

Vaman dhoti or kunjal kriya removes hyper acidity, good for flatulence and dyspepsia (indigestion), cleanses the stomach of all its contents, promotes proper functioning of the stomach and prevents hyper acidity. Dhouti Kriya is extremely useful  for gas trouble, high acidity in stomach and for curing Asthma also. Useful for asthma and bronchitis to clear the air passages through reflex stimultaion fo udána Práïa.

Avoid - in case of severe abdominal pain, abdominal surgery, tonsilitis, hypertension, ischaemic heart diseases and during menstruation. 

C. Vastra Dhouti

1.   Use white thin & soft cotton cloth without any stiches of 5-6 cms.width and about 7 to 10 meters long.
2.   Place it in a bowl of water on the table in front of you and stand comfortably in tádásana.

Sthiti: Tádasana
Catch one end of the cloth with both hands and start swallowing slowly with deep awareness and ease. Drink sips of water along with the cloth if it does not move on smoothly.
Make sure that about 20 - 25cms of the cloth is left out towards the end.
After completing wait for a few seconds, churn the abdomen by movement  or agnisara twisting.
Lean forward and start pulling out the cloth slowly with ease and relaxation.
 If the cloth is not coming out easily, wait, take a deep breath and relax, drink a few sips of water and then continue.

 l    Do the practice under supervision of a guide.
 l    Never pull heavily on the cloth as the food tube(oesophagus) may go into a spasm and make the procedure very strenuous.




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